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Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish Montana rests at the northern end of the picturesque Flathead Valley of northwestern Montana. It lies on the western slope of the Continental Divide at an elevation of 3,028 feet. A year-round recreational haven, Whitefish boasts a world-renowned ski-resort, a large natural lake with a public beach area and northwest Montana's only 36-hole golf course.

Our Whitefish, Montana, real estate listings offer several types of real estate opportunites to tantalize every buyer. Gorgeous lake properties, quaint townhouses and ranches with acreage are just some of the distinctive types of homes for sale. The north end of Flathead Valley is a hundred feet above Kalispell. This slight elevation change along with being nestled against Big Mountain make for a slight weather change compared to the rest of the Flathead Valley. The Flathead Valley itself also enjoys a milder climate than the rest of the northern 48th parallel.

Whitefish is a transportation hub for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Amtrak trains. The Whitefish Depot boasts being the busiest train stop between Minneapolis and Seattle. More than 68,000 passengers came and went to and from Whitefish through the Whitefish Depot in 2006. The Stumptown Museum is housed in the depot and features historic items and information on the founding of the area that is now Whitefish, MT. For instance, Whitefish began as a fur trading hub and later the railroad and logging industries helped it flourish. Today the economy relies heavily on tourism. Over half of the residents in Whitefish have lived here for under 10 years makes owning Whitefish, Montana, realty an opportunity that cannot be missed. Despite the economical shift to tourism, Whitefish has held onto the charisma and charm of the early days.

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Whitefish, Montana is an alpine resort town with a festive attitude and a noteworthy nightlife. There is always something going on in Downtown Whitefish from the Whitefish Winter Carnival to live music from local and touring bands to the local farmers market, and the list goes on.

The many art galleries, outdoor gear and clothing stores and fine cuisine restaurants bring a lot to the Whitefish consumer. Several taverns also provide live music entertainment and casual dining. The O'Shaughnessy Center and the Alpine Theater Project provide a solid fine arts element to the town with regular productions. The outlying neighborhoods are close enough that many locals walk to town for daytime and nighttime events. In walking through the town you will see many people in their yards, on their porches or strolling down the sidewalks. The close-knit community of Whitefish is another positive attribute of the area.

The east side of Highway 93 offers a grid of well kept older homes with some newer homes here and there. This is the side of town where the schools are located as well as the large Memorial Park that has baseballs fields, a playground, tennis courts and adjoins the Whitefish High school's land. Beyond the grid are some newer developments with more spacious properties. Farther out are farm and ranch properties that extend into the east.

The west side of Highway 93 offers more of the same with blocks of homes of various ages and sizes. Beyond is Whitefish River where a network of roads wrap around the river and also blanket the higher hills in this part of town. Throughout this area are riverfront properties on the lazy Whitefish River. The river meanders through the town from its genesis at the southern end of Whitefish Lake. Whitefish Lake is just minutes from downtown and locals gather at City Beach for summer recreation.

The northern area of Downtown Whitefish extends to City Beach where the land is highly developed with homes. As you get farther from this area in each direction, development becomes more spread out and the luxurious lake properties enter into the picture. To the east lie properties with acreage, ranches for sale and wide open spaces.

Downtown Whitefish offers a great community vibe as well as being centrally located to enjoy the outlying wilderness and other recreational opportunities. The town relies heavily on tourism where over 50% of the residents living in Whitefish have lived here less than 10 years and came here from somewhere else. They come here to take advantage of the beauty, recreational freedom and the down-to-earth way of life.

North of Whitefish offers several different terrains for great real estate opportunities. From Big Mountain to the shores of Whitefish Lake and through the upper reaches of the Stillwater River basin there is variety like you can't imagine.

Big Mountain, from top to bottom, has many beautiful mountain homes. Condos and townhouses are often available in the village area and there are a few posh developments that offer ski-in and ski-out luxury. Views in this area are out of this world as you can see views of Glacier National Park, the entire Flathead Valley and the gorgeous contours of the Salish Mountain Range beyond Whitefish Lake. The developments in the lower regions of Big Mountain include a private golf course community and many luxury homes.

At the base of Big Mountain is the spectacular Whitefish Lake. Lake properties and lake houses on Whitefish Lake are mostly luxurious and highly sought after. The lake is 7 miles long and offers sandy beaches with minimal public access. The south shores of Whitefish Lake offer a community feeling with neighborhoods surrounding City Beach. As the shores wrap to the east and west, properties become more spread out and private. At the north end of the lake are large plots of land for the most luxurious estates or even for sub-development. Whitefish Lake properties are some of the hottest items on the market in the Flathead Valley.

Beyond Whitefish Lake from the north, the upper reaches of the Flathead Valley gradually open up to Whitefish and the expansive Flathead Valley. In this corner of the valley, the Stillwater River watershed enters the scene and meanders along the western edge. Several lakes provide for waterfront properties and supply water for farming and ranching properties in the area and for recreation. Hiking, biking, fishing, ice-fishing and hunting are popular activities in this area. Wildlife abounds in this region due to its seclusion, water sources and wide open meadows. North of Whitefish offers a variety of gorgeous scenery and unique properties and homes for sale. Let the combination of a unique home and close proximity to the festive downtown Whitefish be your guide.

The eastern region of Whitefish, Montana is mostly forested in the northern section at the base of the Whitefish Mountain Range and foothills and it transitions into outlying farm and ranch lands as you move south into the valley.

This quiet area of Whitefish offers more privacy due to spacious properties and a less extensive road system.

The subtle rolling foothills make for mini-valleys of gorgeous ranch properties with horses and deer sharing the fields. Several small gravel roads shoot off from the main passage that lead to private properties and estates.

The Hugh Rogers WAG Dog PArk, has been built at the edge of town which provides five acres of fenced property set aside specifically for your dogs off-leash recreation and enjoyment. The park is free to the public and welcomes all responsible users. It is owned and maintained by the City of Whitefish. This is a popular attraction for dog owners throughout the Whitefish area.

South of Whitefish, Montana lies a mix of forested land and open farmlands. The properties residing in the developed flatlands provide amazing views of the Big Mountain to the north and the surrounding ranges that enclose the Whitefish area.

The area near Farm to Market Road is another gorgeous green area riddled with properties with acreage.

Between the Farm to Market area and Highway 93 is the southern part of the solitary Lion Mountain. Lion Mountain is home to several small and medium lakes.

The Stillwater River and the Whitefish River venture toward each other as they go south around Lion Mountain. They form the west and east boundaries to the southern outskirts of Whitefish and eventually converge north of Kalispell. This creates plenty of waterfront property opportunities as well as ranches for sale.

West of Whitefish, Montana features forested foothills and lush, often water filled, depressions. The Stillwater River basin opens up amidst the forest and provides real estate opportunities for ranches, riverfront properties and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valley.

Several creeks trickle throughout these foothills into either Whitefish Lake or the Stillwater River. Between the Stillwater River and Whitefish Lake is Lion Mountain. Several small lakes dot this mountain providing fishing and recreation opportunities as well as waterfront properties.

The outlying land to the west is another gorgeous area called Star Meadows. Star meadows is rolling hills and forest with many ponds, streams and the Stillwater River. This area features ranch properties and private homes for sale with acreage.

Bordering Star Meadows is the Flathead National Forest which is designated as wilderness. This area opens out to the gorgeous recreational wilderness area great for hiking, horseback riding, fishing, biking and camping.

Just to the south of Star Meadows nestled in the national forest is Tally Lake which is almost 500 feet deep and the deepest lake in Montana. Tons of recreational opportunities are offered there such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and fishing.

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