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Polson, Montana

Polson Area Information

Located on the Flathead Indian Reservation in a natural amphitheater at the south end of Flathead Lake lies Polson. When visiting the charming lakeside community of Polson, you will fall in love with this beautiful trading center for one of Montana's most fertile farming areas. And with property and homes for sale in Polson, Montana, National Park Realty is here to help you find the ideal location that will exceed your expectations.

Polson Area Communities and Amenities

In a prime cherry growing region and home to numerous cherry orchards, Polson celebrates with an annual Cherry Festival. Two museums, The Miracle of America and Polson-Flathead Historical Museum, offer many displays and memorabilia. Polson also has several city parks located on the lake. Visitors are advised to keep their cameras ready for the area's own "Flathead Monster," sightings of which date back over a hundred years. While you're in the charming community of Polson, make sure you hit the greens on the luxurious Polson Golf Course.

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