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Somers and Lakeside are twin towns that are part of the Flathead County in northwestern Montana. Our available listings of real estate property and homes for sale in Lakeside, Montana, lies at the north end of beautiful Flathead Lake. Like much of this part of the state this area owes its existence to the Great Northern Railway. Railroad ties were needed for the extension of tracks throughout the west, and the ready supply of timber surrounding Flathead Lake made the north end of the lake an ideal mill site.

Somers and the neighboring town of Lakeside, Montana, are popular summer destinations for both locals and out-of-town visitors. Somers offers a plethora of activities. Favorites include Parks: Ben Williams Park, Somers Fishing Access, and Glacier National Park. Water activities are always on the agenda as Somers is located right on pristine Flathead Lake. Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. During the warm months, colorful sailboats are seen dotting the lake. Folks have fun just hanging out on the shore with plenty of fresh air and sunshine to make a bunch of memories. You and your family can become a part of these incredible experiences. By simply browsing our homes for sale in Lakeside, Montana, you will have all a multitude of resources and expert agents to help get you started!

In addition to summer sports like boating, biking and hiking that are available in and around summers if you enjoy winter sports this is also the place for you. Blacktail Mountain Ski Area is just moments from Somers. Blacktail offers downhill skiing and snowboarding. Cross Country Skiing and snowshoeing can be enjoyed on the surrounding national forest trails for beginners to advanced skills.

National Park Realty strives to bring you the highest-quality real estate and homes for sale in Lakeside, Montana. Making this lakeside area the perfect place to raise a family or retire. There is plenty of activity and potential for growth in this part of the country. Though once scarcely populated, Montana has begun to grow with an influx of city dwellers seeking a slower pace of life – a better quality of life that is found here in Somers and Lakeside.

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